Mile Section Mile Notes
Section 1. Northville to Benson
0.00 0.00 Trail begins at arch on South Main Street in Northville. Register located in parking lot in rear.
0.03 0.03 Trail follows Main Street S and Bridge Street W
Trail crosses Sacandaga River on Bridge Street. Historic marker on N side of road and W bank commemorates Northville train station, original start of trail, now under water.
0.68 0.68 Trail follows Bridge St E and County Road 152 South
Trail walks through Sacandaga Park, a former amusement park and resort. Half the park’s site is now under water. Many cottages in village were guest cottages for the park. The original railway station and a dance hall still stand.
1.54 1.54 County Road 152 abruptly bends W and N. Continue to follow CR 152.
1.76 1.76 CR 152 turns south on former grade of SJ&G railroad. Continue straight ahead.
1.83 1.83 Cross NY 30. CR 152A goes E, Mountain Road (CR 123) goes W.
2.66 2.66 Junction CR 123 and Collins-Gifford Valley Rd. Trail goes NE and NW.
3.43 3.43 Trail proceeds SW on a gravel driveway and SE on paved Collins-Gifford Valley Road
3.56 3.56 Trailhead with register and parking area. Trail enters woods over a wooden footbridge SW (trail N) and follows a gravel driveway N (trail S)
Trail climbs/descends NE side of ridge on switchbacks
4.69 4.69 Height of land at about 1540 feet elevation
Gentle grade
5.40 5.40 Jct with short unmarked trail S to a firepit on the shore of Mud Lake, nice lunch spot.
5.75 5.75 Trail passes an undercut boulder that serves as a bear den in some seasons.
5.84 5.84 Cross Mud Lake outlet
6.34 6.34 Cross Mud Lake outlet by an enormous boulder.
6.83 6.83 Rock cliff on N side of trail
7.00 7.00 Cross Mud Lake outlet on log bridge
Trail climbs/descends gradually on hillside, with two streams crossed on stones.
8.49 8.49 Ford West Stony Creek. 90-foot-wide stream is likely impassable at times of high water. Bridge over the creek is planned but not built as of 2015.
12.32 12.32 Benson Road (CR 6). Parking area at trailhead. Trail departs S from parking area and N at a signpost 50 yd W
Section 2. Benson to Whitehouse
12.57 0.25 Woods Lake campsite #3
12.64 0.32 Woods Lake campsite #4
12.88 0.56 Cross small stream on log bridge
12.98 0.66 Cross two streams on stones
14.22 1.90 Cross stream
14.72 2.40 Stream crossing in fine stand of hemlocks
14.85 2.53 Log bridge
14.97 2.65 Log bridge over Grant Lake outlet
15.29 2.97 Cross stream
Trail follows X-C ski trail NE/SW
15.49 3.17 Trail joins X-C ski trail from W. X-C ski trail runs NE/SW past stone walls.
Trail crosses knoll over series of switchbacks
16.89 4.57 Cross Abner Brook on log bridge
17.11 4.79 Cairn marks turnoff to Abner Brook tent site, 150 ft north of trail
Trail follows old road, occasionally leaving it to avoid wet spots
18.99 6.67 Cross Notch Brook on bridge
19.09 6.76 Side trail heads S to ford W Stony Creek. Campsite with privy on S bank
19.51 7.19 Trail joins former NPT at bridge over W Stony Creek. Yellow trail across bridge leads to Godfrey Rd.
21.73 9.41 Cross N Branch W Stony Creek on stones
22.38 10.06 Yellow side trail goes 0.1 mile W to campsite at former Rock Lake LT
23.42 11.10 Cross W Branch Sacandaga River
Trail follows W bank of river
24.32 12.00 Meco Lake visible to E
25.13 12.81 Silver Lake LT. Tent site at former LT site 200 ft S
26.97 14.65 Cross wet area on bridge
27.32 14.99 Canary Pond tent site
28.34 16.02 S shore of beaver pond
Trail detours around E end of beaver pond
28.51 16.19 Cross stream in very wet area N of beaver pond
29.99 17.67 Cross Noisy Brook
30.55 18.23 Shore of Mud Lake
Trail crosses W end of Mud Lake on slippery puncheons
30.75 18.43 Mud Lake LT
Steep grade on W bank of stream
31.78 19.46 Height of land between Grindstone and Mud Lake Mountains
Steep grade on N side of ridge
32.24 19.92 Stream crossing
Moderate grade
33.75 21.43 Cross W Branch Sacandaga River on double-span suspension bridge. Whitehouse ruins at N end of bridge.
33.83 21.51 DEC register. Trail to E goes 0.2 mile to parking. NPT goes W and S.
Section 3. Whitehouse to Piseco
34.31 0.48 Spur trail goes W. NPT continues N/S
36.11 2.28 Cross Hamilton Lake Stream on suspension bridge. Campsites on W side.
36.39 2.56 Hamilton Lake Stream LT N of trail
36.78 2.94 Cross Priests Vly outlet stream
37.33 3.50 Cross outlet of Priests Vly, with a fine view across the meadow
38.77 4.94 Cross Buckhorn Lake Outlet. Tent sites W of trail.
39.81 5.98 DEC register.
39.97 6.14 Trailhead on S side of NY 8. Casey’s Corner on the N side has sandwiches, drinks, ice cream, limited resupply. Ox-Bow Motel 0.2 miles E
Trail follows NY 8 roughly 100 yards
40.04 6.20 Junction NY 8 and CR 24. NPT goes E and N.
Roadwalk on County Road 24
42.05 8.22 Piseco post office. Permissible for hikers to rest during the day in the line of trees behind PO
Roadwalk on County Road 24
42.26 8.43 Junction CR 24 and Haskell Road. NPT goes E and N
NPT follows Haskell Road
43.02 9.19 Parking at bridge over Cold Stream
Section 4. Piseco to West Canada Lakes
43.14 0.12 DEC register.
47.22 4.20 Cross Fall Stream. Several campsites on S bank
49.62 6.60 Wade Jessup River. Campsites on both banks.
50.21 7.19 Spruce Lake access trail heads E toward International Paper, Jessup River Road, Sled Harbor. NPT continues NW/SE
52.09 9.07 Spruce Lake LT #1.
52.74 9.72 Trail W 0.1 mi to Spruce Lake LT #2, E 50 yd to box toilet.
52.94 9.92 Trail W 100 yds to Spruce Lake LT #3 and good tent sites.
54.40 11.38 PBM 2464
55.35 12.33 Bridge over Sampson Bog Outlet
56.33 13.31 Cross streams on boardwark
56.91 13.89 Jct French Louie Trail E to Pillsbury Mtn trailhead
56.95 13.93 Cross W Canada Creek on bridge. W Canada Creek LT on W bank
57.45 14.43 Tentsite W of trail and trail W 75 yd to South Lake LT.
Cross South Lake outlet on extensive boardwalk and causeway
57.55 14.53
57.97 14.95 Trail 75 yds W to West Lake LT #1
58.07 15.05 Clearing at former ranger station. Register. West Lake Trail continues N to West Lake LT #2. NPT goes S and NE
Section 5. West Canada Lakes to Wakely Dam
58.14 0.08
Loop around extensive beaver damage and destroyed bridge. Cross stream midway on beaver dam
58.44 0.37
61.79 3.73 Jct side trail E 0.5 mi to Third Cedar Lake LT
61.95 3.88 Third Cedar Lake tentsite to E
63.70 5.63 Trail 0.1 mi E to Beaver Pond LT
63.75 5.68 Cross Cedar River on rickety boardwalk
64.41 6.34 First Cedar Lake LT
64.54 6.47 First Cedar Lake tentsite
64.61 6.54 Cedar Lakes Dam and trail register. Jct yellow Cedar Lakes Trail  to Sled Harbor and Perkins Clearing
66.86 8.79 Cedar River tentsite with remains of old wood stove
68.35 10.28 Sucker Brook Trail SE 1 mi to Colvin Brook LT,  8.9 mi to Lewey Lake
68.74 10.68 Cross brook on bridge
69.55 11.48 Signposted trail 0.1 mi E to Carry LT 75 yds to N, trail NE crosses river and goes to Carry Pond and Little Squaw Brook
69.87 11.80 Cross stream on bridge
70.23 12.16 Iron gateposts at boundary of Moose River Recreation Area. Trail joins old woods road heading NE (or leaves to S)
70.47 12.41 Jct woods road W to Wilson Ridge Trail
70.67 12.60 Bridge over Wilson Brook
71.83 13.77 Cedar River Flow tent site
72.77 14.71 Payne Brook
72.95 14.89 Jct with trail and Cedar River Road. Trail goes NE on road and S into woods
74.23 16.16 Moose River Recreation Area main gate at Wakely Dam ranger station. Tentsites, picnic areas, privies. Dam to E with more tentsites beyond
Section 6. Wakely Dam to Lake Durant
74.55 0.33 Jct Wakely Mtn fire tower trail. NPT follows Cedar River Road
75.26 1.04 NPT follows Gould Road NW and Cedar River Road SW
Many campsites off Gould Road
75.60 1.38 Privy W of trail
Many campsites off Gould Road
76.40 2.17 Trail follows Gould Rd SE and small woods road N
Trail follows old wood road or is benched in hillside to NW
78.33 4.10 Small marsh SE of trail visible just N of height of land
79.04 4.81 Large glacial erratic E of trail marks top of steep slope
79.76 5.53 Bridge over Browns Brook. Woods road W goes to Dish Rag Pond. E enters private land.
82.62 8.40 Signpost marks junction with former NPT. Current trail goes NW and SW, closed trail SE.
Very wet section
83.21 8.98 Privy E of trail, side trail E 150 ft to Stephens Pond LT, several good tent sites.
83.72 9.49 Trail jct. NPT goes NE and SE, Cascade Pond Trail goes NW, 0.9 mi to Cascade Pond LT, then about 3 mi to Blue Mountain Lake
85.52 11.30 DEC register.
85.59 11.37 Trail joins truck road at gate
85.92 11.70 Trail follows truck road SW and Lake Durant campground main road E.
86.11 11.88 Lake Durant State Campground main entrance. $2 day use fee for walk-in users. Showers, flush toilets, picnic sites, swimming beach, boat launch in season (Memorial Day-Columbus Day). Car campsites for rent. NPT does not go through main gate, follows road NE/SW, crosses Rock River on bridge, follows footpath through meadow to highway.
86.43 12.21 Trail crosses NY 28/30. Parking on both sides of road. Trail register on N side.
Secton 7. Wakely Dam to Long Lake
87.21 0.77
Trail crosses W arm of O’Neil Flow on extensive bog bridging
87.31 0.88
89.63 3.20 Side trail E to O’Neil Flow LT
90.06 3.62 Yellow side trail E to campsite on shore of Tirrell Pond
90.65 4.22 Signpost at start of Tirrell Pond beach. Unmarked trail E to campsites and larger stretch of beach. Fine swimming.  Frequented by float planes. Tirrell Pond lean-to 200 ft trail N.
90.93 4.50 Jct yellow-blazed Tirrell Pond Trail W to Blue Mountain Lake
91.86 5.43 Trail crosses logging road at border of state land
Area scantily regrown from recent logging
92.45 6.01 DEC posters at border of state land
92.91 6.48 Trail runs SW from dirt Salmon Pond Road, E on road.
93.12 6.69 Trail crosses Salmon River on truck bridge. Unofficial campsite on N side of road, E of bridge
93.32 6.89 Trail follows Salmon Pond Road SW, enters woods NW.
94.48 8.05 Cross Chickadee Creek on wooden bridge in middle of large beaver meadow
94.88 8.45 Trail makes switchback at bottom of steep grade
95.94 9.50 Trail makes switchback at top of steep grade
Very wet section with turnpike stones in spots
96.00 9.57
96.16 9.73 Height of land of entire NPT. Obstructed views of Long Lake. Cell phone service reported here.
96.41 9.98 Trail turns between steep grade and following ridge
Steep grade follows Sandy Creek, crossing several tributaries
97.99 11.56 Bridge over Sandy Creek
99.22 12.79 Trail proceeds N into woods, E on Long Lake reservoir maintenance road
99.63 13.20
Cross Sandy Creek, Shaw Brook and the surrounding wetland on astonishing system of bog bridges
100.16 13.73
100.38 13.95 Trail crosses NY 28N / Newcomb Road. Register 50 yds S. Parking on S side of highway. Long Lake village 1.5 mi W on highway. Trail goes N on Tarbell Road, S on footpath into woods.
Section 8. Long Lake to Shattuck Clearing
101.06 0.68 Trailhead parking. Register at trailhead. Trail goes NE into woods, S on Tarbell Road
101.62 1.23 Wide bridge over Polliwog Pond outlet
102.22 1.83 Trail diverts around wrecked bridge and rock-hops stream by the two Catlin Bay lean-tos. Footpaths on lake shore to multiple campsites and privies.
102.88 2.50 Turnoff for Hidden Cove LT 0.1 mi W on lake shore
103.59 3.21 North end of Landing Bay. Cross beaver pond outlet stream
105.09 4.71 Kelly’s Point. Grassy clearing with remains of hotel. Two lean-to’s side-by-side.
105.53 5.15 Closed trail E goes to former site of Kempshall Mountain fire tower.
106.30 5.92 Cross stream
106.45 6.07 Trail W to Rodney Point LT #1. Herd path continues N to privy and LT #2
106.63 6.25 Trail W to Rodney Point LT #2.
107.14 6.76 Cross stream
107.48 7.10 Spring house to E with pipe delivering water trailside
107.65 7.27 Trail W on private property with pipe that carries spring water to private houses and boat launch, No trespassing.
108.69 8.31 Trail 0.1 mi W to Plumley’s Landing LT #2
108.80 8.42 Trail 0.1 mi W to Plumley’s Landing LT #1. Cell phone service reported here.
109.03 8.65 Difficult crossing of beaver area on deteriorated bog bridging
110.87 10.49 W end of marked detour around N of beaver activity.
111.12 10.74 E end of marked detour around N of beaver activity
111.42 11.04 Cross small pond outlet on beaver dam
111.55 11.17 Cross Pine Brook
112.78 12.39 Pine Point Trail goes NW, follows Cold River. NPT goes NE and S.
112.87 12.49 Shattuck Clearing. Picnic area, ruins of ranger station, trail register. Trail N fords Cold River, becomes Calkins Creek horse trail. NPT goes SW and SE. (SE is trail north, follows Cold River horse trail briefly).
Section 9. Shattuck Clearing to Duck Hole
112.97 0.10 NPT joins Cold River horse trail. NE is trail north, to Moose Creek. NW is trail S, to Shattuck Clearing. Cold River horse trail continues SE.
113.11 0.24 Cross Moose Creek on suspension bridge
113.54 0.67 Cross Cold River on suspension bridge. Cold River LT #3 at N end of bridge. Trail on N bank goes W to Cold River LT #4 and Calkins Creek trail. NPT goes E on N bank.
114.62 1.75 Cross stream
114.95 2.08 Big Eddy, scenic spot in Cold River, reported good trout fishing.
116.78 3.91 Seward LT overlooks Miller’s Falls
118.89 6.02 Cross Seward Brook on bridge (2015: Bridge is out. Ford brook at low water, or detour upstream 0.2 mi to find fallen tree spanning brook). Ouluska LT 75 yd E of bridge.
120.31 7.44 Noah John Rondeau hermitage
122.01 9.14 Cross stream
122.32 9.45 Cross outlet of Mountain Pond
123.05 10.18 Ward Brook Truck Trail goes W (turns N) toward Ampersand Lake and Coreys. NPT goes S and E.
123.51 10.64 Cross Moose Creek on truck bridge. Cold River lean-tos #1 and #2 75 yd W of bridge.
123.79 10.92 Cold River horse trail fords river to S. NPT goes E and W
124.71 11.84 Duck Hole, now dewatered. Bradley Pond trail fords downstream of ruined dam and heads S to Tahawus 8.1 mi. Three LT’s, register, ruins of ranger station.
Section 10. Duck Hole to Lake Placid
125.14 0.43 Bridge E with red trail that runs 6.9 miles to Henderson Lake and Upper Works
128.59 3.88 Moose Pond LT to W
130.02 5.31 Airplane door located W of trail
130.15 5.44 Side trail E 0.2 miles to Wanika Falls. Good campsite 0.1 mi past stream crossing, dangerous at high water.
130.83 6.13 Cross Chubb River on three-log bridge. Designated campsite E of bridge is last campsite on trail.
136.63 11.92 Averyville Road trailhead. Trail heads S on E bank of Chubb River and NE on Averyville Road.
137.78 13.07 Trail crosses Old Military Road, goes SW on Averyville Road and NE on Station Street.
138.36 13.66 Lake Placid train station. Northern terminus of trail.

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