Project Completion West Stony Creek Lean-to


Installation of the West Stony Creek Lean-to within Shaker Mtn Wild Forest is now complete.
This newly constructed lean-to provides shelter along the recently re-routed segment of the Northville-Placid Trail. In 2015, apprx. 15 miles of new trail was built in an effort to improve the trail experience by reducing road walking by 7 miles. The West Stony Creek Lean-to is the first additional trail shelter installed along the rerouted segment and is the closest lean-to to the southern terminus of the Northville-Placid Trail.
The lean-to is located just north of the West Stony Creek crossing, 3.8 miles south of the Benson Road parking area and 4.9 miles north of the Collins-Gifford Valley Road parking area and 8.3 miles from the Northville Trailhead. Coordinates: N 43 Deg 13.477’, W 074 Deg 16.160’ The little spur trail is flagged and its signed with LEAN-TO-> sign.
Thank you to the State Police Aviation for transporting the materials and Lands & Forests, DEC Ops, and local Forest Rangers for building the new lean-to which is now open for public use.


  1. Thank to all involved. Working in the forest isn’t easy and we hikers appreciate the lean-to.
    Hikers remember Leave No Trace. The lean-to doesn’t need your name carved into it. Let only the hiking experience be “carved” into your memory!

  2. Great news! It will be great to have a leanto at the start of the trail, within an easy day from the Southern Terminus.

  3. Thanks for all the efforts to continually improve the NPT experience. With the completion of the reroute in 2015 I thought there was plans to build at the West Stony Creek Crossing. Is there still a bridge being planned or has the Lean-to installation replaced that goal?

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