NPT Chapter Stewardship Patch Program – A New Way to Give Back

Several times a year, the Chapter holds stewardship outings to go out on the trail to clean up and maintain. We’ve been lucky in the past to have many volunteers come and help the chapter with this huge undertaking. We know that many¬† hikers would like to help out and give back to the trail and earn the Stewardship patch but cannot make the stewardship hikes for various reasons. For this reason, we decided to open up this patch to anyone that donates $25 or more to the trail to help offset the cost of maintaining the chainsaw and other various tools that we use during our stewardship hikes. Click here for more information.


  1. Bill Celentano, I was recently contacted by L2R (Lean2Rescue) for some trail work along the Moose Creek/Cold River on the May 4-11th week. I think the chainsaw season ends on or about May 15th? I was planning on spending a couple weeks up there again this year.
    I was hoping we could work on the trail (between Duck Hole and Moose Pond) either before or possibly after the week with them. I think we will finish near Newcomb and then I’ll have to hike back along the trail to Duck Hole…likely take me three days to get back, hence my “if.” I would love to get rid of that series of blowdowns between Duck Hole and Moose Pond, though.
    Let me know…. Cell (607)220-9969.

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