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There is one main designated trail and one spur trail in this unit. Twenty-three miles of the Northville-Placid Trail (NPT) pass through the wilderness between Upper Benson and Piseco. The trail can be accessed from four trailheads, all of which include parking areas. The trailheads from north to south are:

* State Route 8 NPT Trailhead

* West River Road NPT Trailhead

* Godfrey Road NPT Trailhead

* Benson Road NPT Trailhead (built in 2014)

The Northville-Placid Trail north of Godfrey Rd was re-located to reduce roadside walking and improve the trail experience. The seven mile re-route skirts around Woods Lake and connects with the existing trail near the North Branch of West Stony Creek.

The new trailhead and parking area is located on Benson Road (County Highway 6) near Woods Lake. The Godfrey Road spur trail remains open as a foot trail to access Silver Lake lean-to, Rock Lake, or any other destination within Silver Lake Wilderness.