Trail Condition Update: Seward Blow Down

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Our stewardship chair, Bill, was able to confirm with DEC Forester Tate Connor that the Seward blow down has been cleared. The DEC went in at Shattuck clearing and cleared to the Hermitage. A big thank you to the DEC trail crew!

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  1. Thank you all for your time and effort! The Long Lake to Lake Placid section was close to the perfect experience last year…except that blow down. As someone with Bi-Polar, that section put me into a black out rage, and being 6’4″ 300lbs, that’s not a condition I like to be in. It’s terrifying for me. So, just know your hard work provides more than easy walking. It provides someone like me the opportunity to get into the woods, to get the natural therapy session that “heals” my mind (even if for a short while) without stress. You all are heroes in my book.

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