The Schenectady Chapter of the ADK Mountain Club Temporarily Suspends NPT Trail Patch Program

Wednesday, April 8th, 2020

To all interested in hiking the wonderful Northville Placid Trail, 

In line with Governor Cuomo’s directive for New York State to PAUSE amidst the COVID19 pandemic and Adirondack Mountain Club Executive Director Michael Barrett’s urging to”hike locally and individually,” the Northville Placid Trail Challenge is suspended until further notice. This action was taken by the ADK Schenectady Chapter, which manages the challenge. While the trail remains open, any hikes completed after April 12th, 2020 until further notice will not be recognized as counting towards the completion of the challenge.

As difficult as this decision is, we feel it is necessary to discourage nonessential travel. As our friends at the ADK Glens Falls/ Saratoga Chapter so eloquently stated when similarly suspending their Fire Tower Challenge, “Where we decide to go outside matters. The population of New York over 65 years old is 16.4% of the overall population. Note the much higher percentage of the following counties where we enjoy being outdoors: Hamilton:31.3%; Essex: 23.4%; Warren: 22.2%. This matters because COVID-19 is particularly lethal to those 65+ years old. When you consider where to recreate, please stay as local as you can. We must keep northern New York as free of COVID-19 as we can.”

Thank you! Please stay safe! Stay healthy! Get outside! But hike locally and individually!


Rev. Dustin G. Wright

Chair, Schenectady Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club

If you have any questions please contact Mary MacDonald at

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