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We’re in the process of making changes to make this website a valuable and useful resource to anyone with an interest in exploring the NPT.

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  1. I am hiking the southern part of this trail and wondered if there was a local place that I could rent a bear container.

    • I’m not aware of a place to rent near the southern terminus. Bear canisters however are not required along the trail, and a good bear hang should suffice.

  2. Angela, check with your local EMS store. Also, a canister is not required as the NPT does not pass through the eastern high peaks zone. However some sort of means to secure your food is necessary.

  3. Is there anyplace where the trail head change from the access along cedar river rd to lake durant is documented. Had planned a 3-day trip with scouts and the extra 4.5 miles on the first day put a crimp in our plans. Not a big deal cuz we adjusted, but would have been nice to know in advance. Did I miss seeing something in my trip planning? Thanks, Bill

  4. I understood that the website would have a form I could fill out to register my completion of a section hike of the NPT. I couldn’t find it…

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